Woman’s College Fudge, etc. (1916)

I was paging through the "Choice Recipes" booklet from Walter Baker & Co. the other day and noticed that one page contains three recipes for fudge, named after three different women's colleges.  Absolutely fascinating.  Are these actually recipes from college cookbooks or yearbooks?  I've no idea.  They were contributed by someone known as Mrs. Janet … Continue reading Woman’s College Fudge, etc. (1916)

War of 1812: Politicians keep in touch

I'm now working on transcribing some miscellaneous correspondence from the papers of Connecticut Governor John Cotton Smith.  Most of this is letters to the governor, including this one from Congressional Representative John Tallmadge, dated December 24, 1812: Since I came to the House this morning, I have rec’d your Letter of the 16th instant. When … Continue reading War of 1812: Politicians keep in touch