I am a historian and geographer with wide experience and research interests, focusing mainly on North America from the pre-colonial period through the early twentieth century, frequently with an emphasis on local history in southern New England and New York. I am particularly interested in transcribing, analyzing, and mapping previously undigitized historical data, using techniques ranging from statistics to geographical information systems to social network analysis. We can learn a great deal from the information that was once routinely collected for taxation, representation, and other basic governmental purposes.

I also maintain side interests in literature and in early twentieth century cookery pamphlets, cookbooks, and recipes (see the Vintage Cookery tab).

I am available for public lectures on my past and present research topics (see the Research tab), and also on topics of local historical interest in Connecticut and adjacent areas (see the Presentations tab and my CV).

My academic employment currently consists of adjunct teaching at Fairfield University, where I have developed a course on Historical Geography and also teach the standard Origins of the Modern World course. My public history employment consists of historical title searching, general historical research, and reporting for Heritage Consultants LLC, and occasional historical title searches for various private and governmental clients.

If you’re up for some hardcore statistics and economics, you can find my dissertation here.

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