Vintage Cooking Index

Studying this blog’s metrics tells me that my posts about my vintage cooking pamphlet collection are among the most popular, so I thought I’d set up a separate page related to the collection and the posts.

First, a few words about my collection.  I think that with 47 items (as of October 2011), I can no longer call it a “small” collection.  That count also omits the four larger hard-bound vintage cookbooks that I also own.  The vast majority date to between approximately 1906 and 1950, though I do have a few 1950s and 1960s items that slipped in somehow.  ETA 03/2015: The tally passed 100 last year.  Not counting over a dozen hardbound books.

All of my vintage cooking posts can be accessed at once through the tag cloud, of course, but it’s possible to subdivide them a little, as follows:

Actual cooking

I don’t, unfortunately, have as much time as I’d like to experiment with actual vintage recipes, but I’ve been able to do a little from time to time.

Chocolate Cake (ca. 1937)

Doughnut report
Chocolate Drop Cookies (1942)
Fluffy White Icing (1942)
Puffy Omelet (1950)
Small Basic Cake
Soft Molasses Cookies (1932)
White Sugar Cookies (1942)

Collection Items

I like to post about my new items, or (when those are scant) about previously collected items.  The more recent ones, especially, include one of the menus (if present) and one interesting recipe from each pamphlet, not to mention scans of at least the cover of the pamphlet.  (Brimfield, incidentally, refers to a very large antique show in Massachusetts.)

A trio of refrigerator company pamphlets
Brimfield Haul 2011 Part 6
Brimfield Haul 2011 Part 5
Brimfield Haul 2011 Part 4
Brimfield Haul 2011 Part 3
Brimfield Haul 2011 Part 2
Brimfield Haul 2011 Part 1
Flea Market Trip
More Vintage Cooking Pamphlets
Doughnut Report
Doughnut Versification
White Sugar Cookies
Two New Cookery Books for the Collection

Technical Information

Actually using vintage recipes can be tricky.  I’ve written a few posts about some of those technical aspects.

Baking powder amounts: elementary applied mathematics
Bread baking techniques: how to get perfect bread
Oven temperature guide: what those verbal descriptions mean


Cecils (fried meatballs)
Ching-a-Ling (beverage)
Chocolate Cake (ca. 1937)
Chocolate Drop Cookies
Cranberry-Fluff Pie, 1962
Doughnuts (in verse)
Fish Croquettes
Fluffy White Icing
Ginger Parfait
Grapefruit Snow Pudding
Hamburg and Lima Bean Loaf
Mrs. Hill’s Cocoa Frappé
Orange Bavarian Cream
Orange Sponge Cake
Puffy Omelet (1950)
Shortbreads Royal
Small Basic Cake (ca. 1937)
Smith College Fudge
Soft Molasses Cookies
Sunkist Fruit Baskets
Tomato Sauce
Tuna Fish Salad
Vassar Fudge
Wellesley Frosting
Wellesley Loaf Cake
Wellesley Marshmallow Fudge
White Sugar Cookies


Agricultural Cooperatives: one, two
Baking powder companies: one, two, three, four,
Canning supplies companies: one
Cheese companies: one
Chocolate companies: one, two
Milk (all types) companies: one,
Flour companies: one, two, three
Gelatin companies: one,
Government information: one
Home economics education: one
Kitchen implement companies: one
Newspapers: one
Pickle/mayo/relish companies: one
Radio shows: one, two,
Refrigerator companies: one (actually 3 in 1)
Religious congregations: one
Stove companies: one


Afternoon tea: one, two,
Breakfast: one,
Dinners: one, two, three, four, five,
Luncheons: one, two,
Thanksgiving: 2012

Company/Institution Names

Betty Crocker, 1942
California Fruit Growers Exchange, 1936
Central Co-Operative Wholesale, 1942
Charles B. Knox Gelatine Co., Inc., 1936
Culinary Arts Institute, 1950
Cupples Company (Presto brand), ca. 1928-1930
The Enterprise Manufacturing Co., 1906
General Chemical Company, Food Department (Ryzon brand), 1918
General Electric Company Consumers Institute, ca. 1950
General Foods Corporation, Walter Baker Division, Educational Department, 1929
General Motors Corporation, Frigidaire Division, 1936
Illinois State Register, 1926
Kelvinator Sales Corporation, Kelvin Kitchen section, 1933
Kraft-Phenix Cheese Corporation, 1931
Longmans, Green & Co. (The Mystery Chef), 1935
New Perfection Oil Cook Stoves, ca. 1917
Pet Milk Company, 1931
The Pillsbury Flour Mills Co., 1914
Rosary Altar Society of the Sacred Heart Church, 1962
Royal Baking Powder Co., 1929; 1932
The Rumford Company, 1931
Sands, Taylor & Wood Co., ca. 1937
Skilton Foote & Co., before 1907
Standard Brands Incorporated (Royal brand), 1931
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Department of Home Economics, 1931
Walter Baker & Co. Ltd., 1916
Western New York Milk Producers Cooperative Association, Inc., ca. 1950s

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