War of 1812: Order book’s last entry

I’ve finished transcribing the order book (39 pages of 10-point text) and found the last entry very interesting, given the general context of the war in Connecticut and Rhode Island.  Here it is, in its entirety:

Military District N’o 2
Head quarters Providence
District Orders
21st February 1815

The Commanding General has the pleasure to announce to the district under his Command that a Treaty of Peace signed by the Ministers of the United States & Great Britain at Ghent on the 24th of December last, has been ratified by the President by and with the advice and consent of the Senate: And he has been instructed by the department of War, to suspend all Military Operations, and give immediate information of this event to the Officer commanding the force of his Britannic Majesty in this Vicinity.

In consequence of this pleasing event the militia on duty in this Military district are to be immediately mustered and discharged from the service of the United States; And the Commanding General is charged with the honor of presenting to them the thanks of the President for their patriotism in promptly obeying the call of their Country, and for the zeal and perseverance which under great hardships & privations they have so eminently displayed in defence of its rights.

Arrangements will be immediately made for paying off the militia; and in the mean time every facility of transport’n Provisions, Medical Aid, Hospital Stores &c will be afforded to enable them to return to their families and friends.

Major Eastman the Ass’t Insp’r Gen’l will proceed to Newport without loss of time for the purpose of mustering and discharging from the service of the United States: the R. I. State Corps commanded by Major Wood & the detachment of Volunteers commanded by Col’l Frye to whom the Comm’dg General begs leave to offer his thanks for the firm, patriotic and Soldier like conduct by which they have been uniformly distinguished while serving under his command.

On the discharge of the State troops & Volunteers the Command of the Harbor of Newport will devolve on Capt’n Heileman of the Corps of Artillery: to whom the Forts, Ordnances, Arms, Military Stores & public property of every description are to be delivered.

The Commanding General avails himself of this opportunity for presenting to the Officers and Soldiers under his Command his most sincere congratulations on the return of peace to our Country.

(Signed) T. H. Cushing
B. G. Com’dg

I’ve taken a peek at Cushing’s letter book and have the beginnings of an idea what the “hardships & privations” he mentioned are.  More on that later!

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