Even lists can contain surprises

One of my other projects is about King Philip’s War (New England, 1675-6).  At the moment, I’m typing up an index of the documents contained in a volume of Connecticut manuscript records, so we can check which of them have been previously transcribed, and which have not.

This is not quite as boring as you might think.  Consider this sequence of entries:

Encouragement to companies of volunteers from New London County.  April 7, 1676.

Isaac Johnson may visit his afflicted friends at Roxbury.  April 7, 1676.

Letter to Major Palmer, & another to Westfield.  April 7, 1676.

Letter to Mr. Fitch; Nanantoe’s head received, &c.  April 8, 1676.

Transportation of Grain; some from up the river.  April 8, 1676.

I’ve no idea (yet) who Nanantoe was, poor fellow.

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