Next item of King Philip’s War research

Here’s a sample of the next batch of documents I’m going to be looking at.  They actually start out well before King Philip’s War and only go to 1670, but we’re looking into the possibility that some of these haven’t been transcribed before.  Plus, we believe they do cover the period of the Pequot War, which was an important precursor to the later conflict.

The section above says:

Articles of Confederacon between the Plantacons under Gov’rnmt of the Massachusets the Plantacons under the Gov’rnmt of new Plymouth the Plantacons under the gov’rnmt of Conecticot the govrnmnt of new Haven [and] Plantations in combinacon therewith.

[Wher]eas wee all came into these partes of America wth one & the same [______] namely to advance the kingdome of the Lord Jesus Christe & to [____] of the gospell in purity wth [peace], And [whereas] in a s[____] by an providence of God wee are further Dispersed upon the Sea coasts & [__] than [n__] it first intended, so that wee cannot according to o’r Desire with coman [communicate] in one govrnmnt & [__ction], And [whereas] wee [____] encompass

… Impressed?  I am.  A little more practice with this writing and I should be able to get those missing words.  But I can honestly say that I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen worse.

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