Year-end roundup

I started this blog a year ago – at the beginning of December 2010 – and while I can’t say it’s taking the Internet by storm (that would be a lie), it’s kept me mildly entertained.

Since I like statistics, here are a few:

Top 5 Posts (excluding the home page):
1.  More Vintage Cooking Pamphlets (because of image searches, I believe) (70 views)
2.  Prenuptial agreement, 18th-century style (I have no idea why) (46 views)
3.  People are weird, 17th century edition (because it was weird enough to actually be shared) (34 views)
4.  Small towns in Connecticut (apparently due to searches) (27 views)
5.  War of 1812: U.S. Army Discipline (not sure why) (17 views)

Like I said, I’m not exactly burning up the Internet here.

According to the stats function, I’ve had 769 views, with 28 on the busiest day (when I posted #3 up there).

Lots of search terms related to vintage cooking pamphlets turn up, which is why I established a separate blog page just to index them.  After those, the most common search terms relate (not surprisingly) to the prenuptial agreement post (including, apparently, people looking up Mr. Brown), and then we get down into the “less than 5” zone.

I’ve made 44 posts (not counting this one).  The largest number in a single month was in September (7).

I do plan to keep this up.  Watch this space for an update on my progress (if any) this time next year!

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