Monday research report

Norwalk! 66 households with non-white members, 20 independent non-white households; 134 total individuals, and 2 enslaved persons (a man aged 55-99, and a woman aged 55-99 who, interestingly, was living in the household of Amos Demnat – see below).

Our heads of household (and household size):

Edward    Hyde        4
Isaac    Treadwell    2
Joseph S. Martin    3
Elisha    Crane        7
Benjamin Raymond    1
James    Matash        2
Lewis    Butler        2
John    Page        4
Michael    Johnson        1
Jack    Bedient        7
Frank    Whiting        3
Peter    Dewitt        4
George    Lockwood    3
Anthony    Johnson        6
Harry    Holmes        6
Mary    Hanford        1
Hannah    Brealey        5
Amos    Demnat        6
Sampson    Fairchild    2
Harry    Gregory        5

Unlike the Newtown census marshal, this one was able (or willing?) to determine everybody’s surname.

We’re up to 472 households, 159 nonwhite.

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