Wednesday Research Update

Redding. 23 households, 9 headed by non-whites; 67 individuals. As in Newtown, this marshal has trouble with the idea that a “negro” would have a surname. In fact, by the handwriting it could actually be the same guy.

Our independent households follow. Harry and his wife had 5 boys and 4 girls in their family (5 of the kids under the age of 10). I feel for them.

Harry        11
Peter        7
Timothy        6
Ishmael        8
Jacob     Thomas    7
Amos        4
William        2
John Freeman    2
Thadeus        3

Ridgefield. 18 households, only 1 headed by a nonwhite (Riley and his family of 3).

Sherman. 7 households, 3 headed by nonwhites:

Stephen     4
William Cony    8
Jacob         4

Next up is Stamford, with 53 pages of returns. A task for another day.

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