Wednesday Research Notes

Actually I’ve fallen a long way behind on posting these, so this will be one of a series of “catch-up” posts. I’m going to keep them relatively short for ease of skimming.

I started Litchfield County a while back, and here’s the beginning of the people I’ve found:

Barkhamsted – 24 census pages. 11 nonwhite persons in 6 households, 3 of them nonwhite:

Elias    Sales    3
Jacob    Story    3
Harry    Moore    1

Bethlehem is next, with 12 census pages and 19 nonwhite people in 11 households, 2 of them nonwhite:

George Chatfield 3
Stephen Jackson     5

Next is Canaan, with 30 census pages. 51 individuals in 22 households, 7 of them nonwhite.

Ceaser    Jackson    2
Oliver    Williams 3
Soloman    Davis    6
Joel    Robbins    6
Francis    Wooster    6
Jacob    Hicock    2
John    Harris    5

Colebrook had 20 census pages. 10 nonwhite people in 8 households, including one nonwhite family: Abraham Plato and his (presumed) wife and son.

So we go on to Cornwall and its 22 census pages. 32 people in 15 households, 5 of them nonwhite.

William    Wright    4
Obed    Freeman    3
John    Lewis    3
Frank    Morris    8
Philip    Hubbard    4

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