Friday Research Notes

I’m not sure what happened to Thursday, but here we go with a new set for today:

Goshen has 22 census pages as well. This town had our first enslaved person in a while, a man aged over 55. Also another female centenarian. 43 total nonwhite individuals in 22 households, 8 of them nonwhite.

Benjamin Prince    3
Robert    Kendi    2
Charles    Walker    4
Philip    Roe    3
Harry    Johnson    5
Jacob    Prince    5
George    Anthony    4
Oliver    Guerns    2

And so we move on to Harwinton and its 20 census pages. 16 individuals in 10 households, only one of them independent: Chauncey B. Mix and the 4 other members of his (presumed) family.

Next up is Kent, with 28 census pages. Another female centenarian! 38 individuals total in 23 households, and a whole 3 of them nonwhite:

Collins Fitch    3
Charles Else    3
Timothy Vandorus 7 (includes the centenarian)

Litchfield comes next, with 62 census pages. 142 individuals in 64 households, 34 of them independent (over half!!). This will definitely be worth looking into.

Nancy    Hamlin    2
Peter    Freeman    3
Peter    Williams 3
Harry    Fitch    2
Pompey    Sepran    5
Albert    Homer    4
William    Camp    2
Ann    Lanson    1
William    Freeman    1
Samuel    Waldrum    3
Horace    Cable    2
Minias    Luma    6
Ambrose    Hubbard    2
Charles    Peterson 2
Cato    Freeman    3
Levi    Lepran    5
Sylvia    Green    1
Anna    Jackson    1
John    Francis    3
James    Peterson 6
Violet    Jacklin    1
Sally    Freeman    3
Phillip    Brush    5
Sedgwick Jackins 5
Joseph    Isaacs    3
Thomas    Jackson    8
Amarillis Hubbard? 1
James    Hubbard? 7
Timothy    Ceazar    3
Alexander Williams 4
Ebenezer Burley    5
Nicholas Bich    1
Naillee    Harrison 2
James    Brown    1

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