Monday Research Notes

Still catching up with Litchfield County:

New Hartford only had 24 census pages. They included 31 individuals in 10 households, 3 of them nonwhite:

Benjamin Jackson 3
Mary Nash    4
Humphrey Quamaly 5

New Milford‘s 56 census pages yielded 158 nonwhites (more than Litchfield) in 65 households, 24 of them nonwhite:

Walter    Martin    3
Daniel    Jacklin    5
James    Phillips 3
Solomon    Parker    3
Marvin    Blakesly 4
Clauncy    Cany    8
James    Franklin 3
Samuel    Bassett    5
Charles    Franklin 4
Cyrus    Thatcher 5
Nathan    Garsan    5
Beldin    Lockwood 7
Olinn    Camp    5
Cato    Nichols    2
John    Philips    2
Osman    Wilson    4
Rory    Wilder    5
Michael    Gold    4
Charles    Forrman    5
John    Rogers    4
Elias    Jackson    3
Calvin    Jackson    7
James    Erwin    1
Harry    Sashentee 4

Next up is Norfolk, which has only 20 census pages but 39 individual non-white people in 13 households, 6 of them nonwhite.

Moses    Pierce    8
Peter    Fredom    4
James    Mars    4
John    Hall    6
Thomas    Caldes    6
Thomas    Noble    3

Plymouth comes next, with 29 census pages. Only 7 non-white people, in 5 households, one of which was headed by a non-white: that of Ebenezer Primus and his daughter/housekeeper/much younger spouse.

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