Tuesday Research Notes

Is it really still only Tuesday??

The town of Roxbury had only 16 census pages. 22 individuals in 9 households, 3 of them nonwhite:

Eljah Roberts    6
Jacob Danford    2
Job Sharp    6

Salisbury comes next. 78 individuals in 32 households, 13 of them non-white. Also one additional enslaved person, a man aged between 55-99.

Sylva    Suydam    4
Peter    Porter    3
George    Vancleck 6
Russel    Swan    2
Cato    Hector    5
Samuel    Rice    4
John    White    3
Ja’s    Williams 4
Freend    Cason    4
John G.    Older    5
Titus    Ceaser    9
Benjamin Munroe    2
Reason    Carle    6

After this we have Sharon, with its 36 census pages. 136 individuals in 47 households, 20 of them nonwhite.

Abel    Starr    3
John    Dro    5
Call    Freeman    2
George    Pine    8
Belden    Whitney    7
Jacob    Newport    7
Onando    Cambredge 7
Harry    Minsley    5
Eli    Rowley    4
Ira    Trobridge 6
George    Simons    7
Titus    Frankinson 5
Samuel    Ocro    5
Harry    Jacklin    2
Peter    Hull    4
Parde    Clark    6
Daniel    Salisbury 3
Harry    Foot    4
George    Freeman    4
Francis    Morris    6

Next up is Torrington and its 24 pages of census returns. 68 people in 23 households, 13 of them nonwhite (a majority!?).

James    Moon    3
Henry    Freeman    6
James    Jones    3
Levi    Johnson    5
Simeon    Freeman    2
Epaphroditus Harrison 5
?inus    Waterman 2
Jude    Freeman    3
John    Freeman    6
Luke    Freeman    6
Lorenzo    Bellamy    2
Dyer D.    Freeman    7
Jeremiah Prince    6

Epaphroditus is a fellow who visited the Apostle Paul in prison, according to my Google research.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Research Notes

    • Hi! Look at me, finally checking the comments on my moribund blog. 🙂

      Torrington’s Black community is one that I hope to find time to look at in more detail at some point. That larger project may be on hold till next year, though, because of all the coronavirus closures. So frustrating!

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