Thursday Research Notes

Next town is Warren and its 14 pages of census. Not all that close to the end because there are 5 “W” towns in Litchfield County. Warren has 19 individuals in 7 households, 3 of them nonwhite.

Amos Cables    5
John Carr    4
William James    6

Washington has 22 census pages. 14 individuals in 11 households, only 1 of them nonwhite: a family of 4 headed by Benjamin Freeman.

Watertown is next, also with 22 pages (and 3rd to last in the county). 26 people in 10 households, 6 of them nonwhite:

German    Freeman    5
Adolfen    Freeman    4
Pomp    Freeman    2
Pollard    Freeman    5
Silvia    Freeman    2
Obed    Linsley    3

Winchester and its 24 pages of census are next. Another female centenarian! And our first nonwhite blind person (in a different family). 60 individuals in 16 households, 10 (!!) of them nonwhite-headed:

Jane    Atwater    1
James    Pembleton 8
Isaac    Waterman 2
Henry    Waterman 2
Isaac    Jacklin    10
James    Wallace    5
Orange C. Governer 4
James    Hazzard    5
Henry    Adams    10
Richard    Dolphin    6

Next (and last for the county!): Woodbury‘s 28 census pages. 68 individuals in 28 households, 12 of them nonwhite:

Galloway [none]    2
Cyrus    Freeman    4
Aaron    Freeman    4
Lot    Jackson    7
Ansor    Townsend 3
Daniel    Mallory    2
Harry    Botsford 4
Ambrose    Platt    2
Simon    Osborn    8
Ja’s J.    Freeman    4
Varmanth Chatfield 4
George    Camm    4

Your reward for patience is … a chart!



Fairfield    1,388
Hartford    1,051
Litchfield    1,069

And your reward for continued patience is … a map!


I’ve already almost finished Middlesex County (a relatively small one). Stay tuned!

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