Tuesday Research Notes

Starting on Middlesex County with Chatham (now known as East Hampton), which Heritage Quest’s data jockeys blithely separated into the First, Second, and Third Parishes – following the census marshal’s subdivisions as if they were town divisions. (They weren’t.) Anyway, there were 59 individuals in 30 households, 8 of them nonwhite. Interestingly, all but 1 of the independent households was listed on the last page (in the 3rd Parish). Does this reflect actual geographic location or the census marshal just clumping them all together? I do not know, as of right now.

Erastus    Allan    1
Peter    Harris    8
Lewis S. Gates    5
Charles    Stedman    5
Harvey    Russell    7
Aquilla    Proctor    3
Jacob Jr. Adams    5
Jacob    Adams    3

Next town is Durham, with only 18 census pages. 30 individuals in 13 households, 5 of them nonwhite.

Hayward    Bristol    3
John    Thacher    5
Dana    Smith    5
Harry    Lyman    2
James    Ranson    5

East Haddam, the next town, had 34 census pages. There were 104 (!) individuals in 23 households, a surprising 14 of them nonwhite. This marshal’s handwriting is a bit difficult, but I think they were headed by:

Stepney    Strong    7
John    Mason    10
Mary    Robbins    2
Horace    Caples    9
Henry    Hunting    6
Luna    Fields    4
William    Robinson 4
Josiah    Warmley    6
Daniel    Smith    5
George I. Mason    8
Charlotte Thompson 6
Hanwell    Moseley    8
Anson    Jackson    10
Leonard    Brown    7

That’s a surprising number of potentially intact households, something I need to look into as I go along.

But the next town is Haddam, with 38 census pages. 47 individuals in 10 households, 8 of them nonwhite! East Haddam and Haddam are definitely places to look at more closely.

George    Smith    7
Samuel    Peyton    7
Mary    Hubbard    3
Timothy    Jackson    5
Peres    Morgan    4
Charles    Halstead 5
Solomon    Smith    9
John    Campbell 5

Next up, Killingworth and its 34 census pages. 8 nonwhite people in 7 households, none of them nonwhite-headed.

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