Wednesday Research Report

Hartford. 342 individuals - the largest number so far. 140 households, 52 of them nonwhite. That's a long list of people to report, but here we go: Prince    Swan    3 James    Williams 3 Timothy    Oliver    4 William    Randell    3 William    Bates    2 John    Duress    2 Charles    Monroe    3 Lucien    Evans    3 Ruth    Magira    4 Frank   … Continue reading Wednesday Research Report

Monday research report

Norwalk! 66 households with non-white members, 20 independent non-white households; 134 total individuals, and 2 enslaved persons (a man aged 55-99, and a woman aged 55-99 who, interestingly, was living in the household of Amos Demnat - see below). Our heads of household (and household size): Edward    Hyde        4 Isaac    Treadwell    2 Joseph S. … Continue reading Monday research report